MYiO offer a range of consultancy services related to International Student Recruitment:

Outsourced International Recruitment Services

  • Setting Overseas Trip Itineraries and Appointments for in Country Visits
  • Sourcing & settings meetings with top Scholarship Bodies across West African markets (Nigeria and Ghana specifically)
  • Education Agent Set up and Management (initial and ongoing as required)
  • Review and Guidance on International Qualifications and Admissions Processes
  • Enquiries, Applications and Conversion Activities
  • New Market Penetration Strategy
  • Sales & Marketing Plans for International Student Recruitment
  • UKVI visa assistance and due diligence



Training for the International Student Recruitment Sector – Half day and Full day courses include but not limited to:

  • Introduction to working as an International Officer
  • International Student Recruitment Overview for Institutions (covers all pertinent factors)
  • How to Recruit Students from West Africa (Nigeria & Ghana specifically)
  • Sourcing and Converting Scholarship Bodies (Funding organisations both public and private sector)
  • Working with Agents and External Stakeholders (includes agent strategies)
  • Student Recruitment for Academics
  • International Student Recruitment Sales & Marketing Plans
  • How to Plan a Recruitment Trip to a new market

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How to Recruit Students from West Africa (Nigeria & Ghana)?
25th October 2018, London
20th November 2018, Dubai



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