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Testimonials from training courses:

(How To Recruit Students from West Africa)



“Excellent knowledge of subject”

Martin Clark, Brunel University


“The session was really helpful, lots of info to take in”

Sophie Cattermole, University of Bristol


“Very knowledgeable, clearly knows the topic in great detail”

Graeme Tong, Middlesex University


“lots of content, enough for two different presentation”

Tino Santonocito, University of Buckingham


“Jamie was brilliant, really knew his stuff and I really enjoyed the pace of the course, especially the history part, as although I know a tiny amount in general, I liked that this was included at the beginning as I think this is an important aspect to cover, giving a greater understanding of the place and not just talking about marketing strategies for the entire session. I also thought that the information given on agents and the fairs that are held in West Africa (including pictures) was very useful also”

Kerry Anne Potter, University of Central Lancashire


“Clearly extremely knowledgeable about the market and conveyed that knowledge with detail and enthusiasm”

Jenny Hogg, University of York


“I found the workshop very useful and really insightful. Pitched at exactly the right level”

Kerry Smith, Aston University